How to deliver your file?

  • Draw everything in one page, don't use blocks or hidden objects (no frozen layers)
  • The contour should exist out of one line. Use best arcs polylines and lines, cause splines aren't being always interpret correctly. 
  • Hatches and filled surfaces aren't read.
  • Be aware that the distance between two cutting lines is not too small, cause this is increasing the risk for breaking the material.
  • Clean up your file with the function Clean Up in Illustrator or OVERKILL in Autocad. This function removes double lines. 
  • It is best to export your file in format dxf (2004 or older). This is an universal format and quickable editable for us. Also it could be handy to deliver a pdf to compare with the imported file to assure everything is in your drawing. 
  • Text should be formatted as a line drawing (in illustrator you can use the function 'outline')